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Junior Fair

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The Wisconsin Valley Fair has a healthy Junior Fair department with around 800 youth that exhibit over 17,000 projects! The Junior Fair department is made up of Marathon County 4-H clubs, FFA chapters, and other educational groups, that work on improving their skills in related projects throughout the year. The purpose of the department is for youth to display their accomplished goals and projects, and get feedback from state-licensed judges to improve for the future. The Wisconsin Valley Fair is a state-aided fair, which regulates the how places are awarded, and the amount of premiums given out.

Junior Fair Non-Animals

All Junior Fair non-animal judging takes place on Tuesday of the Fair. Judging takes place in both the Youth Building (East Gate Hall), and the Fieldhouse between 10:00am and 7:00pm.

Junior Fair Animals

Junior Fair animal judging takes place between Wednesday and Saturday of the Fair. They require additional sign-up materials and information for DATCP records. See the schedule for more information.
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