Wisconsin Valley Fair

August 1-6, 2017

One of Wisconsin's largest county fairs with daily entertainment, animals, exhibits, and delicious fair food!

F air Events

3 Shows Daily, at the Wisconsin Valley Fair, July 29-August 3, 2014

It is the most entertaining show of its kind! The “Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show” TM is a live entertainment hit. Chris Perondi has been entertaining audiences of all sizes since 1999. He has produced over 3,500 shows in his career. Over 2,000 have been ground entertainment at some of the largest fairs in the country including the Iowa State Fair, Missouri State Fair, Los Angeles County Fair, State Fair of Virginia, South Carolina State Fair, Tulsa State Fair, MontanaFair, Alaska State Fair, and many more. In addition, Chris has produced thousands of stage shows for major theme parks, theaters, and science centers in the United States. 

Chris Perondi is known as the “Stunt Dog Guy” TM (www.stuntdogguy.com) and he is proud to celebrate his 10th year anniversary this season. Each year he and his team members deliver new stunts and behaviors to captivate the audience. It is always “Fur Flying Family Fun” TM for the whole family! The marketability of the show is unmatched with real appeal for any type of sponsor. 

Perondis cast of performers and dogs will delight people of all ages. Every production includes two or more professional performers with around a dozen talented pups. The show is set with an original theme and it brings forth pet adoption awareness. All the dogs have been rescued from pounds and shelters from across the country. The mission is to promote animal rescue, pet adoption, encourage spay/neutering, and encourage people to spend more time with their pets. 

The audience will be involved with interactive crowd participation. It’s not just a show, it’s an experience! Audience members will chant “Dog gone fun!” and be involved in the excitement of the production. The show will include trick showdowns that will be judged and won by audience applause. Do not forget the athletic feats! From world class Frisbee catching dogs, weave pole racing, the one-of-a-kind triathlon, big air stunts, comedy antics, juggling, to the famous high jumping phenomenon. You will witness the most athletic and smartest dogs in the world. 

These stars have been featured on the Oprah Show, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Ellen Show, Animal Planets Pet Stars, Fox Sports “You Gotta See This!”, and more. They have also starred in commercials and have been showcased on the news and in newspapers all across the country. 

Chris Perondi truly delivers a masterpiece; the famous “Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show” is a hit! 

July 30, 2013

Home Environment, Youth Leadership, and Family Living, Self-Determined

James Hinrichsen, Age 13, Cherokee Chums, Merit (Youth Leadership)

Emma Loucks, Age 13, Everest Eagles, Merit (Family Living)

Lyddia Calmes, Age 16, Cherokee Chums, Merit (Home Environment)

Emma Walters, Age 13, Trapp River North Stars, Merit

Kailen Smerchek, Age 11, Peplin Pioneers, Merit



Katelyn Zimmerman, 8th, Brighton Recneps, Merit

Cortney Zimmerman, 5th, Brighton Recneips, Merit

Lyddia Calmes, 11th, Cherokee Chums, Merit - Quilt

Emma Loucks, 7th, Everest Eagles, Merit

Lyddia Calmes, 11th, Cherokee Chums, Merit


Knitting & Crocheting

Emma Walters, 8th, Trapp River North Stars, Merit

Lyddia Myszka, 6th, Athens Acres, Merit


Flowers and Houseplants

James Hinrichsen, 7th, Cherokee Chums, Merit

Amanda Kaiser, Age 12, Cherokee Chums, Merit

Mae Sann, Age 4, Trapp River North Stars, Merit

Ashley Sromek, Age 7, Rib Mountaineers, Merit

Jenna Goodwin, Age 11, Cherokee Chums, Merit

Amy Goetsch, Age 5, Naugart Knights, Merit

Alicia Lenzner, Age 8, Plover Valley, Merit



Small Animals and Natural Resources

James Hinrichsen, 7th grade Cherokee Chums, Merit

Mariah Marquart, 4th grade, Naugart Knights, Merit

Emma Walters, 8th grade, Trapp River North Stars, Merit

Jesse Kulesa, Grade , Milan County A&E Trooper, Merit

Brenton Peters, 11th, Good Friends, Merit

Emma Bliese, Age 11, Pleasant View, Merit

McKayla Dozel, Age 17, Emmet Eagles, Merit

Derek Breyer, Age 16, Plover Valley, Merit

Elizabeth Fritz, Age 17, Maine, Merit

Kaitlyn Tegart, Grade 10, Everest Eagles, Merit

Allison Tillman, Grade 6, Maine, Merit

Eric Breitenfeldt, Grade 10, Badger, Merit



Katherine Loucks, Age 9, Everest Eagles, Merit

Carson Woller, Age 9, Popplewood, Merit

Jordan Klatt, Age 12, Kronenwetter Kids, Merit



Tiffany Spahr, Age 15, Trapp River North Stars, Merit

Michaela L. Dewkowski, Age 15, Kronenwetter Kids, Merit

Roge R. Kuntz, age 15, Pine Road Pioneers, Merit

Samantha J. Wincentsen, age 18, Bevent Beavers, Merit


Plant and Soil Science

Brian Gleason, Age 13, Riverside 4-H, Merit

Ethan Sisko, age 19, Athens Acres 4-H, Merit

Rebecca Brodjeski, age 15, Rib Mountaineers, Merit

Ethan Sisko, age 19, Athens Acres 4-H, Merit





  1. $1500.00 is available in scholarship monies.

  1. Each scholarship will be for $250.00 - $500.00 based on applications received.

  1. Requirements for the scholarship are as follows:

    1. Candidate must be in their senior year of high school.

    2. Candidate should have a scholastic average of 2.50 or better. School principle must verify.

    3. Candidate must be able to meet the requirements of the school they plan to attend. Need Guidance Counselor verification.

    4. Candidate must have proof of exhibiting at least two years at the Wisconsin Valley Fair.

    5. No additional pages will be accepted. Please answer the questions in the space provided or as directed on the form.

  1. Scholarships recipients will be awarded a certificate at the Wisconsin Valley Fair Awards Program on Sunday, August 7, 2016. A letter will be sent in July to the recipients of this scholarship.

  1. Scholarship may be used to any accredited school. (Post High). Actual checks will be presented to the recipients when proof of second semester registration and first semester report card/transcript are presented to the Fair Administrator.

  1. The Marathon County Agricultural Society Scholarship Committee will select the 2014 recipients from the applicants.

  1. Completed application forms must be submitted by May 16, 2016 and should be sent to:

Marathon County Agricultural Society, Inc.
c/o Mary Sharkey, Scholarship Committee Chair
Marathon County Courthouse
500 Forest Street
Wausau, WI 54403

Scholarship Application

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The Wisconsin Valley Fair is a six-day event in Wausau, WI. We are one of the largest county fairs in Wisconsin with average attendance of approximately 150,000 people. We feature free nightly stage entertainment on Tuesday-Saturday with paid admission onto the fairgrounds. Sunday we have a Draft Horse show and Demolition Derby.

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